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Intelligent buy-outs – putting people first

The key to unlocking prosperity for you, your family and your community could be your employees.

Between 1985 and 2008 Europe saw an MBO megatrend in SME sales. At its height, 1,500 MBOs and €177bn changed hands in MBOs across Europe. Serious money flowed in from bank debt and Private Equity.

The crunch chewed up that bank capacity and Private Equity headed for the hills, to larger enterprises. Neither has fully returned.

At Valloop, we took that as an opportunity. We saw the gap yawning in a growing market. But we also recognised a chance to fix some of the less intelligent features in the old model:

  • Banks would only support managers with deep pockets. They restricted how finances could work post completion. They remained at arms’-length and disinterested in the business itself.
  • PE Houses would take the majority of the equity, with an eye to an easy sale. Managers and employees would be marginalised, and business underperformance was too frequent as a result.

The platform we’ve developed addresses these failings and more. We work hard to understand and empower the businesses we buy into. We deliver access to intelligent financial products most SMEs cannot reach. We ensure your people gain a vested interest in the success of the business. And we thrive on being agile and responsive as new opportunities come up.

Our three proprietary iBO frameworks meet a range of situations:

MEIBO – Manager and Employee-Involved Buy-Outs support individual directors gaining equity. We also put equity into an Employee Ownership Trust, to align and motivate your people to succeed.

MIBO – if we can't involve employees (e.g. in gig economy or day worker situations) we deliver co-ownership with just your management team.

ECOBO – Employee Co-Ownership Buy-Out is the model to wrap all managers and employees into a single ownership trust.

Our Strategy aims to harness the benefits of these more inclusive models. We reduce the usual sale and purchase risks, help to retain your best people and inspire entrepreneurial spirit. The value your business creates stays with the people and communities who depend on it.

The next ten years will be unlike the last ten. We invest in SMEs to create positive social and financial impact. Your business could be one of them.

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Intelligent buy-outs – putting people first

The key to unlocking prosperity for you, your family and your community could be your employees.

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Valloop unlocks value with employee-involved buy-out and growth investments for SMEs. Our fund supports sustainable SME performance that delivers fair, socially-inclusive value for all.


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