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Access private markets with a mature, sustainable asset class

Valloop addresses a wave of successful SMEs coming to market in Europe to seek help with succession or with a growth opportunity. We select profitable businesses in the €1m-€25m valuation range. We arrange intelligent buy-outs (iBOs) with employee involvement, plus some growth investments. Our co-ownership frameworks deliver strong alignment and high performance in our SMEs, with sustainable benefits to the communities they support.

How we put your money to work

Our strategy is to blend returns from capital spread across six private market investment products. These products in turn support our employee-involved SMEs, with well incentivised staff. We carefully evaluate and take a long-hold equity stake in each SME. As co-owners we develop a precision-engineered capital structure that's tailored to each SME - the right mix of debt, credit and equity — creating a hedging effect of risk and return for investors.


Valloop has delivered powerfully for all of our partners in the first five years of operation¹ ². The investment strategy has proven robust and productive, meeting and beating our financial and social objectives.

¹ Past performance should not be taken as a guide to future performance. ² From 2015-2020, branded 'Acuity'.

Summary of holdings

A list of sectors which align to our strategy

Aerospace Engineering
Business Process Outsourcing
Electrical Contracting
Interior Design
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Valloop unlocks value with employee-involved buy-out and growth investments for SMEs. Our fund supports sustainable SME performance that delivers fair, socially-inclusive value for all.


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