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The right money for you, a fair deal for your people

By sharing ownership with your people, we can deliver the investment, the financial tools and – this matters – the team spirit you'll need to get this next step done, and done well. Perhaps your business needs a boost, or maybe you’re ready to hand over. Our process delivers fair outcomes for all, and keeps control where it belongs, in the business. Let us help you unlock prosperity – for you, for your family and for your employees.

When to use Valloop?


We can help your team buy you out, when you’re ready to hand over.

Employee ownership

We can help restructure ownership, whether or not you’re staying on.

Growth funding

We can take a stake in your business to help you seize an opportunity.

Steps to partnership


We check fit – mindful of numbers and values.


We engage with your people.


We all agree the valuation methodology.


We design the future financial model, with your sign-off.


On signature, a new chapter begins.

Value with values

Partnering with Valloop

It’s a once in a lifetime decision, for most. How will you navigate it?

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Olé! A MEIBO for our amigos

How our Management and Employee Involved Buy-Out (MEIBO) unlocked prosperity for one Spanish SME.

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Intelligent buy-outs – putting people first

The key to unlocking prosperity for you, your family and your community could be your employees.

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Calculating fair value

We don’t play games with value – a fair price is the right price for all parties.

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Is your team ready to take it on?

We don’t just tick boxes for skill sets and personality scores. We want to know if they’ve got the passion.

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Passing the baton – what you’ve told us

When the time’s right, you’ll want to speak with some SMEs who’ve worked with us. Here’s a preview.

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SMEs as assets – ten times the traction

With SMEs, investors had to cope with life in the fast lane. Until now.

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A tune-up for your capital

A peek under the bonnet of the Valloop platform reveals precision engineering, with heart.

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A continent changes hands

Europe’s entrepreneurial baby boomers are setting their sights on some ‘quality time’.

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Valloop unlocks value with employee-involved buy-out and growth investments for SMEs. Our fund supports sustainable SME performance that delivers fair, socially-inclusive value for all.


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