Revolutionising employee co-ownership
in a digital first world

We’ve been working hard to create our new revolutionary portal: Valloop Exchange.
Valloop Exchange will transform the process of employee co-ownership online and bring a host of benefits to employees and business owners. In a digitally led world, leveraging technology and AI will not only enhance efficiency and accessibility but also drastically scale small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) transition to employee co-ownership.  

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Valloop is a fully integrated group empowering employees and supporting SME owners to transition their businesses to employee co-ownership with equity and debt solutions.

Employee co-ownership
Sharing the success
Delivering impact

We are committed to creating social and economic value.

We have made delivering prosperity to thousands of people our priority and mission. Employee co-ownership can deliver an immediate social impact and long-term environmental impact. This is at the heart of our strategy.

Our Impact Strategy is designed to improve business results, productivity and profit, by applying sustainable practices to achieve measurable growth in performance, yield and valuation.

Our team

Baroness Sharon Bowles


Jim Lowrie

Co Founder

Stephen Greenwood

Co Founder

UK registered office: 55 Spring Gardens, Manchester, England, M2 2BY

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