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We invest in your people

We get it. Your business is a team, a community you’ve built over many years, one you want to thrive and grow long after you set it free. Valloop can help you make it happen. We invest our funds and experience to arrange an ethical buyout. By co-owning with your managers and employees, we deliver a fair deal for all.

Changing the game in SME investment

If you want a partner who brings money and respects your people, let's talk.

Valloop connects a growing community of SMEs with our intelligent investment fund, to unlock prosperity in a way that respects people.

The next ten years won’t be like the last ten. A wave of owners across Europe are passing the baton to the next generation. At the same time, many of us want to see a better, more inclusive way to work.

Employee ownership can meet both challenges. Our approach keeps control where it needs to be, in an employee or manager-owned framework. The team can reach for new opportunities on the efficient ownership and funding structure we design together.

Valloop’s investors gain a private markets SME strategy, tapping into a mature, high-growth investment class. And with Valloop’s portfolio of employee-involved SMEs, we’re not just talking about inclusive capitalism, we’re helping to make it happen, today.

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Valloop unlocks value with employee-involved buy-out and growth investments for SMEs. Our fund supports sustainable SME performance that delivers fair, socially-inclusive value for all.


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