Valloop is a fully integrated business that supports employees and SME owners to transition their SME to employee ownership

Employee co-ownership delivers immediate social impact, a long-term environmental mitigation and unparalleled financial returns.



The mission of Valloop is to deliver prosperity to thousands of private SME business owners, employees and Valloop investors by transitioning SMEs to sustainable employee co-ownership around the world.


SME Owners


Due to small and medium sized (SME) business owner demographics, we are to experience the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind around the world –  with millions of privately owned SMEs businesses, with billions of employees within, coming up for sale due to the age of the founding owner.

Valloop can help them exit with a transition to employee co-ownership. This is simpler, faster and more cost effective than alternatives.

A profound opportunity to change a pattern in society.

SME Employees


In partnership with Valloop, SME Employees are now able to access the cash, resources and knowhow to acquire the SME they work for.

Employees now have agency – with access to Valloop to assist them to acquire the business they work for and transition them to employee co-ownership.

Employee ownership creates the wealth, wealth creates the impact.



Cash Resources

Valloop uses it’s own cash and balance sheet to participate with SME Employees and Business Owners in transitioning the SME to Employee Ownership.

Deferred Consideration Surety

Deferred consideration in an SME sale may qualify for surety. If so, the deferred consideration reduces the cost of finance and drives larger equity ownership for the employees.

The Valloop Exchange (VX)

A vertically and laterally integrated digital platform to enable the scaling of SME employee ownership transitions.

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