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The market for SMEs isn’t working

Let's change it

We built Valloop to make it easier for SME owners to sell or raise growth funding, and for investors to support private enterprise. We see hard-won wealth in the SME space being lost to hardball tactics, transaction expenses and deal failures. We know investors want to help, given the right relationships. Valloop enables buy-outs, growth finance and conversion to employee ownership models. We co-own with the people involved to release value in partnership with them. Our expertise unlocks new opportunity for business owners, employees and their communities.

The Value Loop

Valloop is a platform that connects intelligent investment to a community of mature, profitable SMEs, unlocking prosperity with purpose.

If an SME owner wants to exit, if the team need funding to grow, or when some financial engineering might help, Valloop delivers a uniquely competitive option — employee ownership.

SME owners

Owners of SMEs in the £1–£25m range face tough choices. Traditional sources of finance haven’t recovered since 2008, and trade sales can be brutal. Valloop brings a co-ownership model that respects the people in each business. Our employee ownership frameworks and financial tools deliver a fair deal for owners and an exciting opportunity for employees.


We know no SME thrives without its people. At the heart of our model, managers and employees gain a stake in the business. This aligns us to a common goal — commercial success. It helps us respect the strong foundations and to build a sustainable future.


Trade sales too often result in consolidation, job reductions or even relocation. There has to be a more human way. We help to keep value creation and jobs in the places SMEs live. That means local taxes, local opportunities, local relationships. In a time of many challenges, we all benefit from thriving communities and a more inclusive society.


Experts in SME succession and sales, with a highly-evolved platform:

  • Employee-involved intelligent buy-out (iBO) frameworks
  • A suite of private market debt and equity products to support SMEs
  • The Valloop Fund, backed by investors who seek socially-inclusive SME performance


Large investors like ESG-supportive, high performance exposures. Our hybrid debt and equity platform offers reliable access to a pool of assets at the €1–€25m end of the market. Short-term returns on debt complement the yield on long-hold equity.

Wealth managers

We equip wealth managers with a socially-inclusive SME strategy to offer their clients. We focus on mature SMEs who seek support with succession or growth opportunities. As a demographic strategy, we offer sector and geographical diversity, strong returns and ESG benefits.


We operate under the Gibraltar regulator’s criteria for Experienced Investors. To them we offer simple access to a socially-inclusive, high performing SME strategy. Our long-hold co-ownership model with employee involvement has delivered outstanding returns — value with values.

Our focus today

We’ve proven and refined our SME platform across the last five years. Now we’re scaling fast to extend the new model to selected SME owners from all sectors, across Europe. Our next objective — to support 250 SME partners valued at €1bn, by 2025.

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Our values

Our team has a passion for fair outcomes — for investors, owners, employees and the communities they connect with.

People first

To grow sustainably, we start with people.

Fin before Tech

We make precision financial engineering simple.

Innovate with purpose

Value builds on values — our solutions make life better.

The Valloop story

The team started-up the Acuity Think Tank in 2010. Goal: to innovate the financial framework and tools they needed to unlock prosperity in the SME market. By September 2015, they were ready to put money on it, launching in Gibraltar. Having battle-tested the platform, the team rebranded as Valloop in 2020, scaling towards their 2025 €1bn NAV target.

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Valloop unlocks value with employee-involved buy-out and growth investments for SMEs. Our fund supports sustainable SME performance that delivers fair, socially-inclusive value for all.


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